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Uniform Soybean Tests Parentage Information

The soybean parentage information in this database was partially gleaned from the Uniform Soybean Tests for the Southern and Northern regions as well as other sources such as USDA technical bulletins, variety registrations and PVP applications. The strains that appear here were part of the uniform trials and not the preliminary trials. In most cases, the pedigree of individual strains was followed back to named strains in both maternal and paternal lineages where possible. In some cases, the parentage of strains was not specified by the cooperators in the tests. In those cases the maternal and paternal parents are labeled as "Unspecified". In some cases, the actual parental information is partially or completely unknown. In those cases the unknown parentages is labeled with "Unknown". When available, synonyms for the strains were also collected. If a strain was named its PI number was also included as a synonym. In cases where the strain was found to be covered by PVP protection, the PVP registration number was also included. Because this list was based on participants in the Soybean Uniform Trials, not all named soybean strains are listed. For additional information the user should consult the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) search page.

We welcome submissions by the community of new or updated pedigree information. Please use the Excel spreadsheet to submit your pedigree data.

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Record for Cultivar Williams 82

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentCommentGoogle Search (New Window)
Williams 82 PI 518671
Williams (7) X KingwaScour Google For This Line

Records Containing Williams 82

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentComment
(HC)Gnome Gnome 85
Gnome (6) X Williams 82
A Elgin BC PI 518666
Elgin 87
Elgin (5) X Williams 82PVP 8800086
A Hardin BC(k) Hardin (5) X Williams 82
A Harper BC PI 518667
Harper 87
Harper (6) X Williams 82PVP 8800087
ABSR 101BC PI 546487
( BSR 101 (5) x Williams 82X [ BSR 101 (5) x ( Harosoy x Altona ) ]PVP 9100040
AHW-Pella BC PI 509044
Pella 86
Pella (5) X Williams 82
Amcor 89 PI 546375
Amcor X Williams 82
Archer PI 546487
( Williams 82 x BSR 101X ( PRX 54-59 x BSR 101 )PVP 9100040, See PI 546487 for parentage explaination
Asgrow A2234 A2234
PI 556850
( Calland x AmsoyX ( Century (3) x Williams 82 )
C1747 A80-244003 X Williams 82
Century 84 PI 548529
Century (5) X Williams 82PVP 8500058
DS5-2675 Williams 82 X AnkurRust (50% exotic pedigree)
DS5-67 Williams 82 X AnkurRust resistance
Elgin 87 PI 518666
A Elgin BC
Elgin (5) X Williams 82PVP 8800086
Elgin BC Elgin 87
A Elgin BC
Elgin (5) X Williams 82
Gnome 85 PI 543857
Gnome Rps1-k
HC Gnome Rps1-k
Gnome (6) X Williams 82PVP 8700097
Gnome Rps1-k PI 543857
Gnome 85
HC Gnome Rps1-k
Gnome (6) X Williams 82PVP 8700097
GR8836 PI 534647
Asgrow A3127 X Williams 82
Hardin 91 Hardin (5) X Williams 82
Harper 87 PI 518667
A Harper BC
Harper (6) X Williams 82PVP 8800087
Harper BC A Harper BC
Harper (6) X Williams 82
Hayes PI 542709
Amcor X Williams 82PVP 9000045
HC Amcor Amcor 89
PI 546375
Amcor (6) X Williams 82
HC Elf BC Elf (6) X Williams 82
HC Elf-EB Elf (6) X Williams 82
HC Gnome Rps1-k PI 543857
Gnome 85
Gnome Rps1-k
Gnome (6) X Williams 82PVP 8700097
HC Hobbit BC PI 546373
Hobbit 87
Hobbit (6) X Williams 82PVP 9000013
HC Sprite BC PI 546374
Sprite 87
Sprite (7) X Williams 82PVP 9000014
HC83-2408 Sprite X Williams 82
HC83-2546 Hobbit X Williams 82
HC83-3834 HC74-3400 X Williams 82
HC84-4850 Sprite X Williams 82
HC84-4851 Sprite X Williams 82
HC84-4874 Hobbit X Williams 82
HM8470 Asgrow A3127 (4) X Williams 82
HM8471 PI 534645
Asgrow A3127 (4) X Williams 82PVP 8700126
HM8473 GR8836
Asgrow A3127 (4) X Williams 82
HM8482 PI 542709
Amcor X Williams 82PVP 9000045
HM8486 GR8936
PI 534648
Asgrow A3127 X Williams 82
HM8776 A80-147003 X ( Asgrow A3127 (4) x Williams 82 )
Hobbit 87 PI 546373
HC Hobbit BC
Hobbit (6) X Williams 82PVP 9000013
Hodgson 87 Hobbit (6) X Williams 82
HS84-6276 Harper (3) X Williams 82
HS87-4087 A81-156027 X ( Asgrow A3127 (4) x Williams 82 )
HW8185 PI 548529
Century 84
Century (5) X Williams 82PVP 8500058
Kunitz PI 542044
Williams 82 (6) X PI 157440
L81-4590 PI 542044
Williams 82 (6) X PI 157440PVP 9000169
L82C-1246 PI 542043
Williams 82 X FayetteCV-270
L84-6189 Williams 82 X L78-4245
LG01-7728 Williams 82 X ( Williams x PI 479767 )
LG01-7812 Williams 82 X ( Williams X PI 483461 )
LG01-7884 Williams 82 X ( Williams x PI 549046 )
Linford PI 542043
Williams 82 X FayetteCV-270
LN82-3254 Williams 82 X Hardin
LN82-4433 Williams 82 X Century
Pella 86 PI 509044
AHW-Pella BC
Pella (5) X Williams 82
PI 547878 L86-1752
Williams 82 (6) X PI 230970
PI 547879 L87-0482
Williams 82 (6) X PI 459025
RCAT Alliance PI 548646
Wells II X Williams 82
Resnik PI 534645
Asgrow A3127 (4) X Williams 82PVP 8700126
Sprite 87 PI 546374
HC Sprite BC
Sprite (7) X Williams 82PVP 9000014
TN-EXW2-051 Essex X Williams 82
TN-EXW2-111 Essex X Williams 82
TN-EXW2-141 Essex X Williams 82
XP1928 ( Hardin x Williams 82X [ ( Tracy x Williams ) x HW79149 ]

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