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Integrating Genetics and Genomics to Advance Soybean Research

Data Submission Templates and Instructions

These templates are under active development. Please return here to get the latest versions.

Biparental QTL Data

Genome Wide Association (GWAS) QTL Data

Gene Data

Pedigree Data

Re-sequencing Data (SNPs, CNV, etc.)

Expression or Transcriptomic Data (RNA-seq, GeneChip, custom chips, etc.)

In addition to the more established data types above, we recognize that the soybean research community will sometimes generate novel data that would be appropriate for inclusion in SoyBase. Because these data will be, by definition, different from what is already present in SoyBase, the underlying database infrastructure and web displays to accommodate them will need to be developed. To facilitate this effort it would be very helpful to consult with us early in the project so that we can efficiently plan how SoyBase staff effort will be allocated. These early discussions will ensure that optimal decisions can be made about nomenclature, data file formats, etc. so there will be a minimal delay in making your data available to the community.

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