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Soybean Physical Map Resources
The October, 2008 Physical Map includes the previous 86524 BACs from the GM_WBa and GM_WBb BAC libraries, as well as HICF fingerprints from 37658 BACs from the GM_WBc BAC library.

The previous 2006 version of the Williams 82 physical map is available here.

Additional details about the physical map and the NSF SoyMap Project, including information about the FPC contig assembly and quality control steps, can be found here.

The genetic and physical maps were aligned by positioning the BAC contigs on the genetic map centered on or spanning their anchoring genetic markers. Therefore the orientation of individual contigs may be reversed around a marker and the ends of the FPC contig may be slightly mispositioned. See the Williams 82 sequence map for more precise positioning of the FPC contigs relative to genetic markers. The sizes of the BAC contigs are approximations as they are based on the number of bands in the HICF digests scaled to match the genetic map. The order of the BACs in a contig is that provided by FPC.

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