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This page shows all of the QTL Classes (green links) in SoyBase. The 'New' tag is used to indicate when QTL have recently been added to that QTL Class. This allows users to quickly see if new QTL's have been added to their favorite trait.

Underneath each QTL class name (green links), is the soybean trait ontology term (black text) associated with the QTL.

Clicking on a QTL Class opens a page listing all of the individual QTL's in that Class. The 'View in Whole Genome' button (upper right of the page) allows the user to see all of the individual QTL's of a class and their relative position on the 20 soybean linkage groups. Newly reported QTL are indicated in both the chromosomal and table views.

To view the QTL sorted by their associated soybean trait, click the "View by Trait" link below.
View by Trait

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Acid detergent fiber, R[NEW]Al tolerance
(Aluminum Tolerance)
Asian Soybean Rust[NEW]
(Reaction to Phakopsora pachyrhizi infection)

(Reaction to Phialophora gregata infection)
Bean pyralid
(Reaction to Lamprosema indicata)

Canopy height
(Canopy Height)
Canopy width
(Canopy Width)
Canopy wilt[NEW]
(Canopy wilt)
Carbon isotope discrimination
(Carbon Isotope Discrimination)
Cellwall polysacch composition
(Cell wall polysaccharide composition)
Chlorimuron sensitivity
(Chlorimuron Ethyl Sensitivity)
Chlorophyll flourescence ABS/RC[NEW]
(Light energy absorbed per reaction center(ABS/RC))
Chlorophyll flourescence ETo/TRo[NEW]
(Probability a trapped excitation moves an electron beyond Qa(ETo/TRo))
Chlorophyll flourescence PIabs[NEW]
(Performance index on absorption basis(PIabs))
Chlorophyll flourescence REo/Eto[NEW]
(Probability an electron reduces an end acceptor at PSI electron acceptor side)
Chlorophyll flourescence TRo/ABS[NEW]
(Flux ratio of trapping per absorption(TRo/ABS))
Chlorosis, leaflet Mn induced
(Manganese induced leaflet necrosis)
Chlorosis, leaflet UV-B induced[NEW]
(UV-B induced leaflet chlorosis)
Common cutworm[NEW]
Corn earworm
(Reaction to Helicoverpa zea)
Crude fat, R[NEW]
Crude protein, R[NEW]

Days to germination
(Germination Time)
Drought index
(Drought Susceptibility Index)
Drought tolerance
(Drought Tolerance)

Fe effic
(Iron Efficiency)
First flower[NEW]
(First flower)
Flood tolerance
(Flooding Tolerance)
Flooding yield index
(Flooding yield index)
Flower color[NEW]
(Flower Color)
Flower form
(Flower form)
Flower number
(Flower Number)
Foxglove aphid, primary damage, choice[NEW]
(Reaction to Aulacorthum solani, choice)
Foxglove aphid, primary damage, no choice[NEW]
(Reaction to Aulacorthum solani, no choice)
Foxglove aphid, total damage, choice[NEW]
(Reaction to Aulacorthum solani, choice)
Foxglove aphid, total damage, no choice[NEW]
(Reaction to Aulacorthum solani, no choice)
Fusarium lesion length
(Reaction to Fusarium infection)

Hypocotyl length[NEW]
(Hypocotyl Length)
Hypocotyl weight[NEW]
(Hypocotyl weight)

Indo soy dwarf virus
(Reaction to Indonesian Soybean Dwarf Virus Infection(ISDV))
Internode length[NEW]
(Internode length)

Japanese beetle resistance[NEW]
(Reaction to Popilliae japnoica)
Jav root-knot nematode
(Reaction to Meloidogyne javanica)

Leaf Damage, ozone, nd trifoliate leaf[NEW]
(Ozone sensitivity, leaflet)
Leaf Damage, ozone, rd trifoliate leaf[NEW]
(Ozone sensitivity, leaflet)
Leaf Damage, ozone, rd-th trifoliate leaves[NEW]
(Ozone sensitivity, leaflet)
Leaf Damage, ozone, th trifoliate leaf[NEW]
(Ozone sensitivity, leaflet)
Leaflet N, specific
(Specific leaflet nitrogen content)
Leaflet P
(Leaf phosphorus content)
Leaflet area[NEW]
(Leaflet area)
Leaflet area, specific
(Specific leaflet area)
Leaflet ash
(Leaflet ash content)
Leaflet chlorophyll[NEW]
(Leaflet chlorophyll content)
Leaflet length
(Leaflet Length)
Leaflet shape[NEW]
(Leaflet shape)
Leaflet shape, UV-B induced[NEW]
(UV-B induced leaflet shape response)
Leaflet trigonelline, dry
(Leaflet trigonelline content)
Leaflet trigonelline, fresh
(Leaflet trigonelline content)
Leaflet weight
(Leaflet weight)
Leaflet weight, specific[NEW]
(Specific leaflet weight)
Leaflet width
(Leaflet Width)

mqCanopy wilt[NEW]
(Canopy wilt)
mqPlant height[NEW]
(Plant Height)
mqSeed Oil[NEW]
(Seed oil content)

Necrosis, root Mn induced
(Manganese induced root necrosis)
Net photosyn rate
(Net photosynthetic rate)
Neutral detergent fiber, R[NEW]Node number[NEW]
(Root nodule number)
Nodule number[NEW]
(Root nodule number)
Nodule size[NEW]
(Root Nodule Size)
Nodule weight per plant, dry[NEW]
(Root nodule weight, dry)
Nodule weight, dry[NEW]
(Root nodule weight, dry)

P use efficiency[NEW]Peanut root-knot nematode
(Reaction to Meloidogyne arenaria)
Petiole color, UV-B induced[NEW]
(Petiole color)
Phomopsis seed decay[NEW]
(Reaction to Diaporthe longicolla Infection)
Photoperiod insensitivity
(Photoperiod sensitivity)
(Reaction to Phytophthora sojae infection)
Plant P[NEW]
(Phosphorus content)
Plant damage, UV-B induced[NEW]
(UV-B induced plant damage)
Plant height to Lodging ratio
Plant height[NEW]
(Plant Height)
Plant weight
(Plant weight)
Plant weight, dry[NEW]
Pod borer
(Reaction to Maruca vitrata)
Pod dehiscence
Pod maturity[NEW]
(R8 Full Maturity)
Pod maturity, beginning
(R7 Beginning Maturity)
Pod number[NEW]
(Pods per plant)
Pod wall to Pod weight ratio
(Pod weight ratio)
Pod wall weight
(Pod wall weight)
Pod wall width
(Pod wall width)
Pod weight
(Pod weight)
Pod, beginning
(R3 Beginning pod)
Pods per node
(Pods Per Node)
Pubescence density[NEW]
(Pubescence Density)
Pubescence length[NEW]
(Pubescence Length)
pH sensitivity
(Reaction to Alkalinity)

R/V photo-thermal sensitivity[NEW]
(R/V photothermal sensitivity)
(Reaction to Aphis glycines)
Reproductive period photo-thermal sensitivity[NEW]
(Reproductive period photothermal sensitivity)
Reproductive period[NEW]
(Reproductive period)
Reproductive stage length
(Reproductive stage length)
Reproductive to vegetative period ratio[NEW]
(Reproductive to vegetative period ratio)
Rhizoc root and hypocot rota
(Reaction to Thanatephorus cucumeris infection)
Rhizoc root and hypocot rotb
(Reaction to Thanatephorus cucumeris infection)
Root P
(Root phosphorus content)
Root area development[NEW]
(Root Morphology)
Root area[NEW]
(Root Morphology)
Root density, lateral[NEW]
(Lateral root number)
Root diameter change[NEW]
(Root Morphology)
Root diameter[NEW]
(Root Morphology)
Root length development[NEW]
(Root Morphology)
Root length[NEW]
(Root Morphology)
Root length, primary[NEW]
(Primary Root Length)
Root morphology
(Root Morphology)
Root nodule weight, dry[NEW]
(Root nodule weight, dry)
Root to Shoot weight ratio[NEW]
(Root dry weight to shoot dry weight ratio)
Root volume[NEW]
(Root volume)
Root weight
(Root Weight)
Root weight, dry[NEW]
(shoot weight, dry)
Root weight, fresh
(Root weight, fresh)
Root width, primary
(Primary Root Size)
Row spacing response
(Row spacing response)
cqR8 Full maturity
(R8 Full Maturity)

(Reaction to Heterodera glycines)
(Reaction to Fusarium solani f sp glycines infection)
Salt tolerance
(Sodium ion sensitivity)
(Reaction to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum infection)
Seed Ala
(Seed alanine content)
Seed Arg
(Seed arginine content)
Seed Asp
(Seed aspartic acid content)
Seed Cys[NEW]
(Seed cysteine content)
Seed Glu
(Seed glutamine content)
Seed Gly
(Seed glycine content)
Seed His
(Seed histidine content)
Seed Ile
(Seed isoleucine content)
Seed Leu
(Seed leucine content)
Seed Lys[NEW]
(Seed lysine content)
Seed Met plus Cys[NEW]
(Seed methionine and cysteine content)
Seed Met[NEW]
(Seed methionine content)
Seed N at R
(Seed nitrogen content at growth stage R7)
Seed Phe
(Seed phenylalanine content)
Seed Pro
(Seed proline content)
Seed Ser
(Seed serine content)
Seed Thr[NEW]
(Seed threonine content)
Seed Trp
(Seed tryptophan content)
Seed Tyr
(Seed tyrosine content)
Seed Val
(Seed valine content)
Seed abortion
(Embryo Abortion)
Seed acidic fraction
(Seed acidic glycinin subunit content)
Seed agglutinin[NEW]Seed arabinose plus galactose
(Seed arabinose-galactose content)
Seed basic fraction
(Seed basic glycinin subunit content)
Seed cadmium[NEW]
(Seed cadmium concentration)
Seed calcium
(Seed calcium content)
Seed coat color
(Seed coat color)
Seed coat cracking
(Seed coat cracking)
Seed coat hardness[NEW]
(Seed Coat Hardness)
Seed conglycinin
(Seed beta conglycinin protein fraction)
Seed conglycinin, alpha-prime
(Seed alpha-prime conglycinin fraction)
Seed conglycinin, beta[NEW]
(Seed beta conglycinin protein fraction)
Seed daidzein[NEW]
(Seed daidzein content)
Seed fill
(Seed filling period)
Seed fragrance[NEW]
(Seed 2AP content)
Seed fucose
(Seed fucose content)
Seed galactose
(Seed galactose content)
Seed genistein[NEW]
(Seed genistein content)
Seed glucose
(Seed glucose content)
Seed glycinin plus beta-conglycinin[NEW]
(Seed glycinin and beta-conglycinin content)
Seed glycinin to beta-conglycinin ratio[NEW]
(Seed glycinin to beta-conglycinin ratio)
Seed glycinin[NEW]
(Seed glycinin content)
Seed glycitein[NEW]
(Seed glycitein content)
Seed hardness[NEW]
(Seed hardness)
Seed height to width ratio[NEW]
(Seed length to width ratio)
Seed height[NEW]
(Seed height)
Seed isoflavone[NEW]
(Seed isoflavone content)
Seed length to height ratio[NEW]
(Seed length to height ratio)
Seed length to thickness ratio[NEW]
(Seed length to height ratio)
Seed length to width ratio[NEW]
(Seed length to width ratio)
Seed length[NEW]
(Seed width)
Seed linoleic[NEW]
(Seed linoleic acid content)
Seed linolenic[NEW]
(Seed linolenic acid content)
Seed nickel[NEW]Seed number[NEW]
(Seed Number)
Seed oil plus protein
(Seed oil plus protein content)
Seed oil to protein ratio
(Seed oil/protein ratio)
Seed oil[NEW]
(Seed oil content)
Seed oleic[NEW]
(Seed linoleic acid content)
Seed oligosaccharide
(Seed soluble oligosaccharides)
Seed palmitic plus stearic
(Seed palmitic+stearic acid content)
Seed palmitic[NEW]
(Seed palmitic acid content)
Seed pectin
(Pectin content)
Seed phytate
(Seed phytate content)
Seed protein[NEW]
(Seed protein content)
Seed set
(Seed Set)
Seed set, or per pod[NEW]
(Seed Set)
Seed set, per pod[NEW]
(Seed Set)
Seed stearic[NEW]
(Seed stearic acid content)
Seed sucrose[NEW]
(Seed sucrose content)
Seed thickness[NEW]
(Seed height)
Seed tocopherol, alpha[NEW]
(Seed alpha-tocopherol content)
Seed tocopherol, delta[NEW]
(Seed delta-tocopherol content)
Seed tocopherol, gamma[NEW]
(Seed gamma-tocopherol content)
Seed tocopherol, total[NEW]
(Seed gamma-tocopherol content)
Seed total isoflavone[NEW]
(Seed isoflavone content)
Seed viability[NEW]
(Seed viability)
Seed volume
(Seed size)
Seed weight per plant[NEW]
(Seed weight per plant)
Seed weight[NEW]
(Seed weight per plant)
Seed width to thickness ratio[NEW]
(Seed length to width ratio)
Seed width[NEW]
(Seed width)
Seed winter hardiness[NEW]
(Seed cold stress resistance)
Seed yield to Plant height ratio
(Seed yield/Plant height)
Seed yield to weight ratio
(Seed Number)
Seed yield[NEW]
(Seed yield)
Seed, beginning
(R5 Beginning Seed)
Seedling, abnormal
(Abnormal seedling)
Seeds per plant
(Seeds per plant)
Shoot P
(Shoot phosphorus content)
Shoot fresh to dry weight ratio
(shoot weight, dry)
Shoot length[NEW]
(Main Stem Length)
Shoot weight[NEW]
(shoot weight, dry)
Shoot weight, dry[NEW]
(shoot weight, dry)
Somatic emb per explant
(Somatic embryos per explant)
Somatic embryogen effic
(Somatic embryogenesis efficiency)
Somatic embryogenesis
(Somatic embryogenesis)
Southern root-knot nematode
(Reaction to Meloidogyne incognita)
Soybean mosaic virus[NEW]
(Reaction to Soybean Mosaic Virus Infection(SMV))
Sprout yield
(Sprout yield)
Stem diameter, main
(Main Stem Diameter)
Stem length, main[NEW]
(Main Stem Length)
Stem strength, main
(Stem strength)
Stem weight, dry[NEW]
(shoot weight, dry)
(Reaction to Heterodera glycines)
(Reaction to Fusarium solani f sp glycines infection)
cqSeed agglutinin
cqSeed oil
(Seed oil content)
cqSeed phytate
(Seed phytate content)
cqSeed protein
(Seed protein content)
cqSeed weight
(Seed weight per plant)
cqSeed yield
(Seed yield)
shoot weight, dry
(shoot weight, dry)
shoot weight, fresh
(shoot weight, dry)

Tobacco ring spot virus
(Reaction to Tobacco Ringspot Virus Infection(TRSV))
Total growth duration[NEW]
(Total growth duration)

Vegetative period[NEW]
(Vegetative period)

(Water Use Efficiency)
Whitefly resistance
(Reaction to Bemisia tabaci)

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