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Uniform Soybean Tests Parentage Information

The soybean parentage information in this database was partially gleaned from the Uniform Soybean Tests for the Southern and Northern regions as well as other sources such as USDA technical bulletins, variety registrations and PVP applications. The strains that appear here were part of the uniform trials and not the preliminary trials. In most cases, the pedigree of individual strains was followed back to named strains in both maternal and paternal lineages where possible. In some cases, the parentage of strains was not specified by the cooperators in the tests. In those cases the maternal and paternal parents are labeled as "Unspecified". In some cases, the actual parental information is partially or completely unknown. In those cases the unknown parentages is labeled with "Unknown". When available, synonyms for the strains were also collected. If a strain was named its PI number was also included as a synonym. In cases where the strain was found to be covered by PVP protection, the PVP registration number was also included. Because this list was based on participants in the Soybean Uniform Trials, not all named soybean strains are listed. For additional information the user should consult the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) search page.

We welcome submissions by the community of new or updated pedigree information. Please use the Excel spreadsheet to submit your pedigree data.

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Record for Cultivar Williams

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentCommentGoogle Search (New Window)
Williams PI 548631
Wayne X L57-0034Scour Google For This Line

Records Containing Williams

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentComment
(HC)Gnome Gnome 85
Gnome (6) X Williams 82
881-57 Williams X Maple Presto
A Elgin BC PI 518666
Elgin 87
Elgin (5) X Williams 82PVP 8800086
A Hardin BC(k) Hardin (5) X Williams 82
A Harper BC PI 518667
Harper 87
Harper (6) X Williams 82PVP 8800087
A74-204028 Corsoy X Williams
A74-303012 PI 548542
Corsoy X WilliamsPVP 7900061
A74-306002 Evans X Williams
A75-305031 Corsoy X Williams
A77-314013 A73-21030 X Williams
A78-322024 Williams X Sloan
A78-325028 A72-512 X Williams
ABSR 101BC PI 546487
( BSR 101 (5) x Williams 82X [ BSR 101 (5) x ( Harosoy x Altona ) ]PVP 9100040
AC Harmony ( Maple Presto x WilliamsX Weber
AHW-Pella BC PI 509044
Pella 86
Pella (5) X Williams 82
Amcor 89 PI 546375
Amcor X Williams 82
Archer PI 546487
( Williams 82 x BSR 101X ( PRX 54-59 x BSR 101 )PVP 9100040, See PI 546487 for parentage explaination
Asgrow A2234 A2234
PI 556850
( Calland x AmsoyX ( Century (3) x Williams 82 )
Asgrow A3127 PI 556511
Williams X EssexPVP 7700096
Asgrow A3322 PI 556928
Asgrow A4268 X ( Williams x Mack )PVP 8900244
Asgrow A3659 A3659
PI 556572
Williams X Essex
Asgrow A3860 A3860
PI 556526
Williams X Essex
Asgrow A3966 PI 556687
Williams X EssexPVP 8300139
Asgrow A4268 PI 556528
Williams X EssexPVP 7700101
Asgrow A5424 A5424
Williams X Essex
Asgrow A5618 A5618
PI 556529
Williams X York
AX819 PI 548542
Corsoy X WilliamsPVP 7900061,
C1553 Williams X Beeson
C1558 Williams X L69L-6-1
C1559 Williams X L69L-6-1
C1573 C1421 X Williams
C1747 A80-244003 X Williams 82
Cartter PI 518675
Williams X PI 88788
Century 84 PI 548529
Century (5) X Williams 82PVP 8500058
Crawford PI 548541
Williams X ColumbusPVP 7800077
Cumberland PI 548542
Corsoy X WilliamsPVP 7900061
Dairyland DSR304 DSR304
Dairyland DSR-304
Williams X Unspecified
Derry [ ( Wilson (6) x Forrest ) x ( Perry x ( Williams x PI 229358 ) ) ] X Tracy-M
Douglas PI 548555
Williams X CallandPVP 8100148
DS5-2675 Williams 82 X AnkurRust (50% exotic pedigree)
DS5-67 Williams 82 X AnkurRust resistance
Elf PI 548556
Williams X Ransom
Elgin 87 PI 518666
A Elgin BC
Elgin (5) X Williams 82PVP 8800086
Elgin BC Elgin 87
A Elgin BC
Elgin (5) X Williams 82
Fayette PI 518674
Williams (2) X PI 88788
Fremont PI 548564
Williams X Amsoy 71
Gnome PI 548565
Williams X RansomPVP 8000033,
Gnome 85 PI 543857
Gnome Rps1-k
HC Gnome Rps1-k
Gnome (6) X Williams 82PVP 8700097
Gnome Rps1-k PI 543857
Gnome 85
HC Gnome Rps1-k
Gnome (6) X Williams 82PVP 8700097
GR8836 PI 534647
Asgrow A3127 X Williams 82
Hardin 91 Hardin (5) X Williams 82
Harper 87 PI 518667
A Harper BC
Harper (6) X Williams 82PVP 8800087
Harper BC A Harper BC
Harper (6) X Williams 82
Hayes PI 542709
Amcor X Williams 82PVP 9000045
HC Amcor Amcor 89
PI 546375
Amcor (6) X Williams 82
HC Elf BC Elf (6) X Williams 82
HC Elf-EB Elf (6) X Williams 82
HC Gnome Rps1-k PI 543857
Gnome 85
Gnome Rps1-k
Gnome (6) X Williams 82PVP 8700097
HC Hobbit BC PI 546373
Hobbit 87
Hobbit (6) X Williams 82PVP 9000013
HC Sprite BC PI 546374
Sprite 87
Sprite (7) X Williams 82PVP 9000014
HC74-634RE Williams X Ransom
HC74-643RE Williams X Ransomdoi:10.2135/cropsci2004.6990
HC76-4030 ( Williams x RansomX Essex
HC81-799 Ransom X Williams
HC82-1386 Williams X Ransom
HC83-2408 Sprite X Williams 82
HC83-2546 Hobbit X Williams 82
HC83-3834 HC74-3400 X Williams 82
HC84-4850 Sprite X Williams 82
HC84-4851 Sprite X Williams 82
HC84-4874 Hobbit X Williams 82
HC85-2206 Elf X Williams
HM8470 Asgrow A3127 (4) X Williams 82
HM8471 PI 534645
Asgrow A3127 (4) X Williams 82PVP 8700126
HM8473 GR8836
Asgrow A3127 (4) X Williams 82
HM8482 PI 542709
Amcor X Williams 82PVP 9000045
HM8486 GR8936
PI 534648
Asgrow A3127 X Williams 82
HM8776 A80-147003 X ( Asgrow A3127 (4) x Williams 82 )
Hobbit PI 540551
Williams X Ransom
Hobbit 87 PI 546373
HC Hobbit BC
Hobbit (6) X Williams 82PVP 9000013
Hodgson 87 Hobbit (6) X Williams 82
HS84-6276 Harper (3) X Williams 82
HS87-4087 A81-156027 X ( Asgrow A3127 (4) x Williams 82 )
HW74-3382 Williams X Ransom
HW74-3384 PI 536635
Williams X RansomPVP 8100163
HW74-3385 PI 540551
Williams X RansomPVP 8200174
HW74-3400 HC74-3400
Williams X Ransom
HW74-3884 PI 536635
Williams X RansomPVP 8100163
HW74-618 PI 548565
Williams X RansomPVP 8000033,
HW7847 Evans X Williams
HW8185 PI 548529
Century 84
Century (5) X Williams 82PVP 8500058
HW8221 A76-202015 X ( Tracy x Williams )
HW8233 ( Pella x CumberlandX ( Tracy x Williams )
HW8235 Century X ( Tracy x Williams )
HW8241 Century X ( Tracy x Williams )
HW8371 HW79149 X Williams 79
J103 PI 556633
Jacques J103
Williams X ClayPVP 8100091
Jacques J103 PI 556633
Williams X ClayPVP 8100091
K1019 PI 548541
Williams X ColumbusPVP 7800077
K1022 Williams X Columbus
K1028 Williams X Calland
K1033 PI 548555
Williams X CallandPVP 8100148
K1034 Williams X Calland
K1035 Williams X Calland
K1036 Williams X Calland
K1041 Sparks
Williams X Calland
K1043 Tracy X Williams
K1044 Tracy X Williams
K1045 Tracy X Williams
K1046 Tracy X Williams
K1062 Tracy X Williams
K1074 Tracy X Williams
K1076 Tracy X Williams
K1106 ( Williams x CallandX Essex
K74-104-76-205 Tracy X Williams
Kunitz PI 542044
Williams 82 (6) X PI 157440
KY78-1214 Selection from WilliamsEMS mutant
KY79-0237 PI 515961
Williams X EssexPVP 8700164
KY84-1616 K1044 X Williams
L21 PI 548622
Williams (5) X SL12CV-158
L22 PI 518672
Williams (6) X ( Clark (6) x T117 )CV-223
L23 PI 518670
Williams 79
Williams (6) X Lee 68CV-221
L24 Williams (??) X KingwaWilliams backcross population, closely related to Williams 82
L24A PI 518671
Williams 82
Williams (7) X KingwaComposite of 4 Phytopthora resistant F3BC6 lines selected for similarity to Williams; CV-222
L25A Williams (6) X PI 96983
L26 Williams (7) X Harrel
L58-1531R Williams (2) X ( Harosoy (5) x Blackhawk )
L72U-2567 Williams X Ransom
L73-318 Williams (2) X L69-5343
L73U632 Miller 67 X Williams
L74-3897 Williams X Beeson
L74-4261 Williams X Beeson
L74-4372 Williams X Beeson
L74-8356 Williams X Beeson
L74D-609 PI 543856
Williams X RansomPVP 8100162
L74D-611 PI 548556
Williams X RansomCV-150
L74D-615 Williams X Ransom
L74D-618 PI 548565
Williams X RansomCV-151
L74D-619 Williams X Ransomdoi:10.2135/cropsci2004.6990
L74D-634 Williams X Ransom
L74L-125 PI 518673
Calland X WilliamsCV-224
L74L-228 L68-4096 X Williams
L74L-71 Calland X Williams
L75-6857 Williams (6) X L69-5343
L75-8016 Williams X L70-2283
L75-8064 Williams X Custer??
L75-8121 Williams X L70-2283
L75-8381 Williams X L70-2450
L75-8388 Williams X L70-2450
L76-0022 Williams (4) X PI 171451
L76-0253 Williams X PI 229358
L77-1233 Union (3) X ( Williams (4) x PI 88788 (2) )
L77-8039 Williams X Mitchell
L77-8043 Williams X Mitchell
L77-8290 Williams X Mitchell
L77-906 Williams (4) X PI 209332
L77-994 Williams (2) X PI 88788
L78-1444 PI 518674
Williams (2) X PI 88788CV-225
L78-1491 Williams (2) X PI 88788
L78-1738 L75-8016 X ( Williams x PI 88788 )
L78-379 Williams X PI 96983
L80-3049 PI 518675
Williams (2) X PI 88788L77-994 subline; CV-226
L80-3778 Williams (2) X Raiden
L80-4323 Williams (2) X PI 88788L77-994 subline
L80-4349 Williams (2) X PI 88788L77-994 subline
L81-4590 PI 542044
Williams 82 (6) X PI 157440PVP 9000169
L81L-97 Williams (2) X PI 181550
L82C-1246 PI 542043
Williams 82 X FayetteCV-270
L84-6189 Williams 82 X L78-4245
Lawrence PI 518673
Calland X WilliamsCV-224
LG01-7728 Williams 82 X ( Williams x PI 479767 )
LG01-7812 Williams 82 X ( Williams X PI 483461 )
LG01-7884 Williams 82 X ( Williams x PI 549046 )
Linford PI 542043
Williams 82 X FayetteCV-270
LN1067 Tracy X Williams
LN80-16017 Tracy X Williams
LN82-3254 Williams 82 X Hardin
LN82-4433 Williams 82 X Century
OAC Eclipse OAC86-01
PI 567783
Maple Arrow X Williams
OAC86-01 OAC Eclipse
PI 567783
Maple Arrow X Williams
OAC86-07 Maple Arrow X Williams
ORC8502 RCAT Alliance
Wells II X Williams
OT86-5 ( Maple Presto x WilliamsX Weber
OT86-6 ( Maple Presto x WilliamsX Weber
OT87-7 ( Maple Presto x WilliamsX Weber
OT87-8 ( Maple Presto x WilliamsX Weber
Pella 86 PI 509044
AHW-Pella BC
Pella (5) X Williams 82
Pennyrile PI 515961
Williams X EssexPVP 8700164
PI 547878 L86-1752
Williams 82 (6) X PI 230970
PI 547879 L87-0482
Williams 82 (6) X PI 459025
Pioneer P1981 Beeson X Williams
Pioneer P5096-03D ( PI 80471 x PI 86050X ( Williams 79 (2) x Asgrow A3127 )
Pioneer P6906-16 ( PI 80471 x PI 86050X ( Williams 79 x Asgrow A3127 )
Pioneer P9181 Beeson X Williams
Pioneer P9271 ( Corsoy x MagnaX Williams
Pixie PI 543856
Williams X RansomPVP 8100162
RCAT Alliance PI 548646
Wells II X Williams 82
Resnik PI 534645
Asgrow A3127 (4) X Williams 82PVP 8700126
S42-40 PI 556723
Williams X EssexPVP 8400122
S91-2469 Williams X PI 437654
S91-5371-17 Williams (2) X ( Forrest x PI 437654 )
S91-5371-19 Williams (2) X ( Forrest x PI 437654 )
S92-2716 Williams (2) X ( Forrest x PI 437654 )
Sparks PI 548619
Williams X CallandPVP 8300072
Sprite PI 536635
Williams X RansomPVP 8100163
Sprite 87 PI 546374
HC Sprite BC
Sprite (7) X Williams 82PVP 9000014
Thompson 7803 Wells X Williams
Thompson T7803 Wells X Williams
Thompson T8112 Harwood X Williams
TN-EXW2-051 Essex X Williams 82
TN-EXW2-111 Essex X Williams 82
TN-EXW2-141 Essex X Williams 82
U59218 Williams X Amsoy 71
U76168 Williams X PI 89075
U76360 PI 548564
Williams X Amsoy 71
U80-68130 Williams X L69U40-19-1
Union PI 548622
Williams (5) X SL12
V79-1362 Essex X Williams
Will PI 518672
Williams (6) X ( Clark (6) x T117 )
Williams 79 PI 518670
Williams (6) X Lee 68
Williams 82 PI 518671
Williams (7) X Kingwa
Williams BC6 PI 548585
Williams (7) X PRX12-112PVP 8400082
Winchester PI 548585
Williams BC6
Williams (7) X PRX12-112PVP 8400082
X3836 Williams X Mack
X4521 Williams X Columbus
XP1928 ( Hardin x Williams 82X [ ( Tracy x Williams ) x HW79149 ]

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