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SoySNP50K Nomenclature Conversion Tool

When Cregan, Song et al. developed the SNPs that were incorporated into the SoySNP50K chip they used a naming system based on the positions of the SNPs in the Wm82.a1 genome assembly. It was quickly realized that these names would be confusing once the SNPs were mapped to any other genome assembly so it was decided that the dbSNP ID (e.g. ss715587030) would be used as the official name. However, since initial releases of the SoySNP50K haplotype data were made using the deprecated names, we have developed a tool that accepts as input any combination of dbSNP IDs, original long name or original short name and returns a three column table showing the name correspondences.

To use paste in a list of SoySNP50K names (one per line) or use the Browse button to upload a text file of names.

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