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Reference Report for RGB20110824.5
Title:Quantitative trait loci mapping of pubescence density and flowering time of insect-resistant soybean
Authors:Komatsu, K., Okuda, S., Takahashi, M., Matsunaga, R., Nakazawa, Y.
Source:Gen. and Mol. Biol. 2007, 30(3):635-639
Abstract:Analysis of antibiosis resistance to common cutworm (Spodoptera litura Fabricius) in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) has progressed significantly, but the immediate cause remains unknown. We performed quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis of pubescence density and plant development stage because these factors are assumed to be the im- mediate cause of resistance to cutworm. The QTLs for pubescence appeared to be identical to the previously de- tected the Pd1 and Ps loci controlling pubescence density. We found no candidate loci for flowering time QTLs, although one could be identical to the gene governing the long-juvenile trait or to the E6 loci controlling maturity. None of the QTLs overlapped with the QTLs for antibiosis resistance.

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