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GRIN Data Explorer

In collaboration with the USDA Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) we have developed a tool to facilitate searches of the GRIN Descriptor Data (data current as of 8/26/2015). Imputed alleles at the E1, E2 and E3 loci for the GRIN soybean germplasm collection were provided by Langewisch and Bilyeu Imputed alleles at the Pdh1 locus for the GRIN soybean germplasm collection were provided by Miranda et al. (2019).

To use the tool, select the germplasm and traits of interest to you and then click on the Preview Results button at the top or bottom of this page.

To learn more about a trait, place your mouse cursor over the trait and a description will appear.

After selecting a trait with numeric values (for example Yield) you can narrow your results further by selecting a minimum and maximum allowable value. We have pre-populated the form below with the minimum and maximum values for these traits.

Selecting a trait with discrete values (for example Maturity Group) will also give you an opportunity to further narrow your results by choosing one of the options in the drop-down that appears. This list has been pre-populated with all valid values for these traits.

Germplasm to use: All GRIN Accessions
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Bacterial Pustule
Min: Max:
Bean Pod Mottle Virus
Brown Stem Rot
Frogeye, Unspecified Race
Min: Max:
Frogeye Race 2
Min: Max:
Frogeye Race 11
Frogeye C-32 Isolate
Min: Max:
Northern Stem Canker
Southern Stem Canker
Phytophthora Rot
Phytophthora Rot Race 1
Phytophthora Rot Race 2
Phytophthora Rot Race 3
Phytophthora Rot Race 4
Phytophthora Rot Race 5
Phytophthora Rot Race 6
Phytophthora Rot Race 7
Phytophthora Rot Race 8
Phytophthora Rot Race 9
Phytophthora Rot Race 10
Phytophthora Rot Race 12
Phytophthora Rot Race 17
Phytophthora Rot Race 20
Phytophthora Rot Race 25
Phytophthora Rot Race 30
Phytophthora Rot Race 30T
Phytophthora Rot Race 31
Phytophthora Rot Race 33
Phytophthora Rot Race 38
Soybean Rust
Min: Max:
Soybean Rust Mixed
Min: Max:
Soybean Rust Red-Brown
Min: Max:
Soybean Rust Tan
Min: Max:
Peanut Mottle Virus
Soybean Mosaic Virus
Min: Max:
Soybean Mosaic Virus Strain G1
Soybean Mosaic Virus Strain G2
Soybean Mosaic Virus Strain G3
Soybean Mosaic Virus Strain G4
Soybean Mosaic Virus Strain G5
Soybean Mosaic Virus Strain G6
Soybean Mosaic Virus Strain G7
Pythium Ultimum
Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome
Beet Armyworm
Min: Max:
Corn Ear Worm
Leaf Hopper Injury
Min: Max:
Mexican Bean Beetle Damage
Min: Max:
Soybean Aphid Resistance
Soybean Looper
Min: Max:
Velvetbean Caterpillar
Min: Max:
Cyst Nematode
Cyst Nematode Race 1
Cyst Nematode Race 2
Cyst Nematode Race 3
Cyst Nematode Race 4
Cyst Nematode Race 5
Cyst Nematode Race 14
Reniform Nematode
Chlorosis Score
Min: Max:
High Temperature
Salt Reaction
Leaflet Shape Of Glycine soja
Leaflet Size Of Glycine soja
Lower Leaflet Area
Min: Max:
Lower Leaflet Aspect
Min: Max:
Lower Leaflet Ratio
Min: Max:
Upper Leaflet Length
Min: Max:
Upper Leaflet Shape
Min: Max:
Other Leaf Traits
Seed Shape Of Glycine soja
Seed Shape Of Glycine max
Seed Coat Color
Seed Coat Luster
Seed Quality
Min: Max:
Seed Weight
Min: Max:
Mottling Score
Min: Max:
Hilum Color
Other Seed Traits
Pod Color
Pod Length
Min: Max:
Pubescence Color
Pubescence Density
Pubescence Form
Flower Color
Min: Max:
Stem Termination Score
Min: Max:
Other Plant Traits
Pdh1 allele for pod shattering (imputed from haplotype)
Early Shattering Score
Min: Max:
Late Shattering Score
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Stem Termination Type
Root Fluorescence
Min: Max:
Maturity Date
Min: Max:
Maturity Group
E1 (imputed from haplotype)
E2 (imputed from haplotype)
E3 (imputed from haplotype)
Twining Date
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Other Fatty Acid Composition
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
Iodine Number
Min: Max:
Human Allergen P34
Petiole Ureide
Min: Max:
Min: Max:
User Submitted
E1 (imputed from haplotype)
E2 (imputed from haplotype)
E3 (imputed from haplotype)
Pdh1 allele for pod shattering (imputed from haplotype)

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