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Nested Association Mapping (NAM) of Genes Controlling Soybean Yield and Other Key Traits

Our research goal is to improve the yield potential of soybean varieties. This will be done by mapping the chromosomal locations of genes that control yield and other important agronomic traits in both domestic and exotic germplasm. Both of these germplasm pools contain these genes, but it is difficult for breeders to combine them into new varieties without knowing the locations of those genes on the soybean linkage map. We have accurately mapped a large number of yield-controlling genes using a Nested Association Panel.

The presentation given by Brian Diers at the 2015 Soybean Breeders Workshop can be downloaded here.

40 populations were generated by crossing each NAM parent to IA3023, the common 'hub parent'. The NAM parents were chosen to sample a wide diversity of soybean germplasm in order to maximize the number of genes identified.

17 high yielding lines
from 8 state breeders
4J105-3-4Alan LeRoy - Purdue Univ.
5M20-2-5-2Alan LeRoy - Purdue Univ.
CL0J095-4-6Alan LeRoy - Purdue Univ.
CL0J173-6-8Alan LeRoy - Purdue Univ.
HS6-3976Steve St. Martin - Ohio State Univ.
LD00-3309Brian Diers - Univ. of Illinois
LD01-5907Brian Diers - Univ. of Illinois
LD02-4485Brian Diers - Univ. of Illinois
LD02-9050Brian Diers - Univ. of Illinois
MagellanDavid Sleper - Univ. of Missouri
MaverickDavid Sleper - Univ. of Missouri
NE3001George Graef - Univ. of Nebraska
ProhioRouf Mian - USDA-ARS, Ohio State Univ.
S06-13640Grover Shannon - Univ. of Missouri
SkyllaDechun Wang - Michigan State Univ.
TN05-3027Vince Pantalone - Univ. of Tennesee
U03-100612George Graef - Univ. of Nebraska
15 lines with diverse ancestry
from Randy Nelson's program
LG03-2979Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG03-3191Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG00-3372Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG04-4717Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG04-6000Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG05-4292Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG05-4317Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG05-4464Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG05-4832Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG90-2550Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG92-1255Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG94-1128Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG94-1906Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG97-7012Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
LG98-1605Randy Nelson - USDA-ARS, Univ. of Illinois
8 PIs identified by Jim Specht
with high yields in drought
PI 398881South Korea
PI 427136South Korea
PI 437169BRussian Federation
PI 507681BUzbekistan
PI 518751Serbia
PI 561370China
PI 404188AChina
PI 574486China

140 Recombinant Inbred Lines (RILs) were developed from each population. These RILs and their parents have been genotyped with 4312 SNPs by Qijian Song and Perry Cregan at USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD and phenotyped for yield and other key agronomic traits in performance trials conducted by a collaborative group of researchers located throughout the Midwest.

Bill BeavisIowa State Univ.
Brian DiersUniv. of Illinois
George GraefUniv. of Nebraska
Stella KantartziSouthern Illinois Univ.
Leah McHaleOhio State Univ.
Randall NelsonUSDA-ARS
Katherine Martin RaineyPurdue Univ.
William SchapaughKansas State Univ.
Grover ShannonUniv. of Missouri
James SpechtUniv. of Nebraska
Dechun WangMichigan State Univ.

Seed for the NAM parents and IA3023 are available upon completion of a MTA. Seed for the RILs is available from the NAM Seed request page. Genotypic and phenotypic data will be available at SoyBase.