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Soybean Parentage Information

The soybean parentage information in this database was partially gleaned from the Uniform Soybean Tests for the Southern and Northern regions as well as other sources such as USDA technical bulletins, variety registrations and PVP applications. The strains that appear here were part of the uniform trials and not the preliminary trials. In most cases, the pedigree of individual strains was followed back to named strains in both maternal and paternal lineages where possible. In some cases, the parentage of strains was not specified by the cooperators in the tests. In those cases the maternal and paternal parents are labeled as "Unspecified". In some cases, the actual parental information is partially or completely unknown. In those cases the unknown parentages is labeled with "Unknown". When available, synonyms for the strains were also collected. If a strain was named its PI number was also included as a synonym. In cases where the strain was found to be covered by PVP protection, the PVP registration number was also included. Because of the sources used, not all named soybean strains are listed. For additional information the user should consult the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) search page.

Strain names are prefixed with a code that identifies the program that produced them. The code is usually the first two letters in the strain name followed by the year it was released as a two digit number. A description of the code prefixes can be found here. Strains originating from Pioneer Hybrid generally begin with the letter "P" followed by 4 digits ie P2345. Some Pioneer strains have names of the form P followed by two digits followed by one letter followed by two digits ie P49M23.

We welcome submissions by the community of new or updated pedigree information. Please use this data submission Excel spreadsheet to submit your pedigree data.

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Record for Cultivar Simpson

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentCommentGoogle Search (New Window)
Simpson PI 548615
Steele X HodgsonPVP 8300012Scour Google For This Line

Records Containing Simpson

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentComment
Agassiz PI 562372
Simpson X M71-148PVP 9200242
M77-137 M71-77 X Simpson
M77-210 M71-135 X Simpson
M83-413 Evans X Simpson
M83-715 M73-62 X Simpson
M83-727 M73-62 X Simpson
M83-734 M73-62 X Simpson
M84-449 Simpson X M71-148
M84-456 Simpson X M71-148
M85- 52 Selection from Simpson
M85-173 M77-120 X Simpson
M85-23 M71-148 X Simpson
M85-49 M73-62 X Simpson
M85-52 M73-62 X Simpson
M85-81 M73-62 X Simpson
M85-85 M73-62 X Simpson
M85-907 Simpson X A80-147003
M87-346 M76-55 X Simpson
M87-727 M73-62 X Simpson
SD94-57 Simpson X Elgin 87

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