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Soybean Parentage Information

The soybean parentage information in this database was partially gleaned from the Uniform Soybean Tests for the Southern and Northern regions as well as other sources such as USDA technical bulletins, variety registrations and PVP applications. The strains that appear here were part of the uniform trials and not the preliminary trials. In most cases, the pedigree of individual strains was followed back to named strains in both maternal and paternal lineages where possible. In some cases, the parentage of strains was not specified by the cooperators in the tests. In those cases the maternal and paternal parents are labeled as "Unspecified". In some cases, the actual parental information is partially or completely unknown. In those cases the unknown parentages is labeled with "Unknown". When available, synonyms for the strains were also collected. If a strain was named its PI number was also included as a synonym. In cases where the strain was found to be covered by PVP protection, the PVP registration number was also included. Because of the sources used, not all named soybean strains are listed. For additional information the user should consult the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) search page.

We welcome submissions by the community of new or updated pedigree information. Please use this data submission Excel spreadsheet to submit your pedigree data.

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Record for Cultivar Hutcheson

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentCommentGoogle Search (New Window)
Hutcheson PI 518664
V68-1034 X EssexScour Google For This Line

Records Containing Hutcheson

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentComment
5601T PI 630984
Hutcheson X TN89-39PVP 200400045
70543 Hutcheson X 90773
70887 Hutcheson X 90773
98601 Asgrow A5403 X HutchesonBackcrossed line from R93-171
99VPI-120RR Hutcheson (5) X MON RR
99VPI-17RR Hutcheson (4) X MON RR
Asgrow A5402 Hutcheson X Asgrow A3735
Asgrow A5547 PI 592558
Hutcheson X Asgrow A5403Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9600074
Asgrow A5634RG Hutcheson X 40-3-2
Asgrow A5843 PI 591566
Hutcheson X Asgrow A5403PVP 9500287
Asgrow A5848 PI 594386
Hutcheson X Asgrow A5403Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9600249
Asgrow A5944 PI 594387
Hutcheson X Asgrow A5403Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9600250
Asgrow A6401RG XP5463 X ( Hutcheson x 40-3-2 )
AU90-442 Hutcheson X AU82-589
AU90-519 Hutcheson X AU82-589
AU90-585 Hutcheson X AU82-589
AU90-592 Hutcheson X AU82-589
Benning G88-3266
PI 595645
Hutcheson X Coker 6738PVP 9600358
Caviness PI 615582
Asgrow A5403 X HutchesonPVP 200100091
CF 492 PI 590931
K1099 X HutchesonKentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, PVP 9500235
Delsoy 5500 PI 595765
Hutcheson X S81-2524
Desha PI 633610
Hutcheson X Walters
DPL 3519S PI 590238
DPX 3519
DP 3519 STS
DP 3519s
DPL 415 X [ Asgrow A5403 x ( W20 x Hutcheson ) ]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9500154
DPL 3571S PI 590239
DPL 415 X [ Asgrow A5403 x ( W20 x Hutcheson ) ]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9500155
DPL 4909 PI 603078
Hutcheson X DPX 2485Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9800165
DPL 6299 RR PI 603283
DPL 3682 X [ Hutcheson x ( DPL 415 x ( DPX 2384 ( 2 ) x MON40-3-2 ) ) ]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9800218
DPL 7375 RR PI 603082
DPL 3682 X [ Hutcheson x ( DPL 415 x ( DPX 2384 ( 2 ) x MON40-3-2 ) ) ]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9800169
DT95-15550 Hutcheson X DPL 3589
DT96-6840 Hutcheson X Pioneer P9641
DT96684 PI 636463
Hutcheson X Pioneer P9641
DT98-7278 Hutcheson X ( D91-4657 x Pioneer P9592 )
Freedom PI 636463
Hutcheson X Pioneer P9641
G88-3129 Hutcheson X Coker 6738
G88-3266 Benning
PI 595645
Hutcheson X Coker 6738
G89-300 Hutcheson X Colquitt
G89-9111 Hutcheson X Coker 6738
Hy 574 MB92-16
PI 590248
Hutcheson X HSC B2PVP 9500164; Hyperformer Seed Co., Agripro Seeds Inc.
JTN-5211 PI 507471 X HutchesonSCN
K1235 Hutcheson X Asgrow A3427
K1242 Stafford X Hutcheson
K1243 Hutcheson X Asgrow A2943
K1248 Stafford X Hutcheson
K1277 Hutcheson X Asgrow A3966
K1393 KS5292 X Hutcheson
K1424 Hutcheson X Asgrow A4715
K1529 Hutcheson X N90-7199
K1531 S91-1661 X Hutcheson
KY88-4080 K1099 X Hutcheson
KY90-1836 Hutcheson X S42-40
KY90-2786 Spencer X Hutcheson
KY91-1037 Asgrow A4393 X Hutcheson
KY95-0146 Burlison X Hutcheson
LS96-1631 LS79-238 X Hutcheson
LS98-3966 LS90-1920 X Hutcheson
MB92-16 Hy 574
PI 590248
Hutcheson X HSC B2
MD0708WN 8 Hutcheson X MD03-6610
Musen SC89-181
PI 599333
Hutcheson X LeFlorePVP 9700396
N90-516 Hutcheson X N83-1014
N90-541 Hutcheson X N83-1014
N91-639 Hutcheson X N84-878
N98-7182 Hutcheson X PI 471938
N98-7261 Hutcheson X PI 471938
N98-7265 Hutcheson X PI 471938
N98-7275 Hutcheson X PI 471938
N98-7288 Hutcheson X PI 471938
N98-7289 Hutcheson X PI 471938
Pioneer P95B34 PI 615566
Hutcheson X [ Pioneer P8798 x ( Pioneer 8683 x ( Pioneer 9593 x W20 ) x Pioneer 9593 ( 2 ) ) ]Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200100075
Pioneer P95B96 PI 615563
Pioneer P9594 ( 3 ) X [ ( Hutcheson x ( Pioneer P9584 x ( Asgrow A4715 x ( Pioneer 9392 ( 2 ) x MON40-3-2 ) ) ) ]Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200100072
Pioneer P95M30 PI 636750
[ Hutcheson x ( ( Pioneer P9593 x W20 ) x Pioneer 9593 ( 2 ) ) ] X Pioneer P95B53Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200500085
Pioneer P95M50 PI 636751
DPL 9371S X [ Pioneer P9594 ( 3 ) x ( Hutcheson x ( Pioneer 9551 ( 2 ) x ( Asgrow A4715 x G40-3P9392 ) ) ) ]Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200500086
Pioneer P96M20 PI 634590
Pioneer P9631 X [ Hutcheson ( 2 ) x ( Pioneer P9551 ( 2 ) x ( Asgrow A4715 x G40-3P9392 ) ) ]Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200400073
R07-6614RR Lonoke X Hutcheson-RR
R92-1258 PI 633610
Hutcheson X Walters
R92-1294 Hutcheson X Walters
R93-151 Asgrow A5403 X Hutcheson
R93-171 PI 615582
Asgrow A5403 X HutchesonPVP 200100091
R93-174 Asgrow A5403 X Hutcheson
R94-929 Hutcheson X R87-170
R95-1705 PI 647962
Hutcheson X BARC-7
R96-1939 Hutcheson X Coker 6955
R97-818 Hutcheson X Asgrow A5885
S88-1854 Delsoy 5500
PI 595765
Hutcheson X S81-2524
S89-1097 Hutcheson X S81-2524
Santee SY0107001
PI 617041
Coker 82-622 X HutchesonSouth Carolina Agriculture and Forestry Research System, PVP 200100207
SC89-147 Hutcheson X LeFlore
SC89-181 Musen
PI 599333
Hutcheson X LeFlorePVP 9700396
SC89-328 Hutcheson X LeFlore
SC90-2089 Coker 6847 X Hutcheson
SC90-831 Hutcheson X Coker 6738
SC91-2007 PI 617041
Coker 82-622 X HutchesonPVP 200100207
SC97-1746 Northrup King S83-30 X ( Hutcheson x D87-4429 )
SC97-1764 Northrup King S83-30 X ( Hutcheson x D87-4429 )
SC97-1770 Northrup King S83-30 X ( Hutcheson x D87-4429 )
SC97-1821 Northrup King S83-30 X ( Hutcheson x D87-4429 )Resistance to Mn deficiency
SC98-318 Hutcheson X SC89-551
SC98-469 Hutcheson X Northrup King S75-55
SE84950 PI 632701
Hartz 4994RR X ( Hutcheson x Hartz 4994RR )Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200300125
SG 678 RR PI 603092
DPL 3682 X [ Hutcheson x ( DPL 415 x ( DPX 2384 ( 2 ) x MON40-3-2 ) ) ]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9800179
Syngenta S62-62 PI 595642
Hutcheson X ( Coker 237 x Bedford )Novartis Seeds, Inc., PVP 9600355
Teejay PI 642935
Hutcheson X CliffordPVP 200600205
TN11-5053 Hutcheson X TN89-39
TN11-5088 Hutcheson X TN89-39
TN11-5102 Hutcheson X TN89-39
TN11-5104 Hutcheson X TN89-39
TN11-5118 Hutcheson X TN89-39
TN11-5140 Hutcheson X TN89-39
TN91-220-53 Hutcheson X TN5-85
TN92-198 Hutcheson X TN82-162
TN93-142 Hutcheson X ( TN85-55 x TN83-26 )
TN93-142-17 Hutcheson X ( TN85-55 x TN83-26 )
TN93-99 Hutcheson X ( TN85-55 x TN5-85 )
TN94-213 S85-1009 X Hutcheson
TN95-268 Cordell X Hutcheson
TN96-58 5601T
Hutcheson X TN89-39PVP200400045
TN97-271 N86-7687 X Hutcheson
UARK-5798 UARK5789
Hutcheson X Waters
V00-1242 Hutcheson X Graham
V89-805 Hutcheson X ( V80-2476 x V80-2165 )
V90-1012 Hutcheson X ( FFR 561 x Toano )
V90-798 Hutcheson X Pioneer P9441
V90-848 Hutcheson X P9441
V91-0223 Stafford X Hutcheson
V91-223 Stafford X Hutcheson
V91-2492 Chesapeake X Hutcheson
V91-2935 Hutcheson (2) X V84-1805
V91-3036 Hutcheson X V84-1790
V92-0163 Hutcheson X Forrest
V92-0254 Hutcheson X V83-2298
V92-0570 Hutcheson (2) X V84-1805
V92-0974 Hutcheson X FFR 561
V92-0995 Hutcheson X FFR 561
V92-1333 Chesapeake X Hutcheson
V92-697 Hutcheson X Avery
V93-3114 FFR 544 X Hutcheson
V94-0552 Hutcheson X Manokin
V95-0242 Hutcheson X V85-1195
V96-0310 Hutcheson X Clifford
V96-0332 Hutcheson X Clifford
V96-0340 Teejay
Hutcheson X CliffordPVP 200600205
V97-1827 Essex X ( Hutcheson (3) x Avery )
V97-1843 Essex X ( Hutcheson (3) x Avery )
V97-2276 Hutcheson X KS5292
V97-2303 Hutcheson X KS5292
VS21-441 Hutcheson X VS94-11
VS21-443 Hutcheson X VS94-11
VS21-449 VS94-18 X Hutcheson
VT91-3036 Hutcheson X V84-1790
W8692-462 Asgrow A5979 X Hutcheson
XB52G Hutcheson X Asgrow A5403
XB59E Hutcheson X Pioneer P9591
XP5643 PI 591566
Asgrow A5843
Hutcheson X Asgrow A5403PVP 9500287

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