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Uniform Soybean Tests Parentage Information

The soybean parentage information in this database was partially gleaned from the Uniform Soybean Tests for the Southern and Northern regions as well as other sources such as USDA technical bulletins, variety registrations and PVP applications. The strains that appear here were part of the uniform trials and not the preliminary trials. In most cases, the pedigree of individual strains was followed back to named strains in both maternal and paternal lineages where possible. In some cases, the parentage of strains was not specified by the cooperators in the tests. In those cases the maternal and paternal parents are labeled as "Unspecified". In some cases, the actual parental information is partially or completely unknown. In those cases the unknown parentages is labeled with "Unknown". When available, synonyms for the strains were also collected. If a strain was named its PI number was also included as a synonym. In cases where the strain was found to be covered by PVP protection, the PVP registration number was also included. Because this list was based on participants in the Soybean Uniform Trials, not all named soybean strains are listed. For additional information the user should consult the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) search page.

We welcome submissions by the community of new or updated pedigree information. Please use the Excel spreadsheet to submit your pedigree data.

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Record for Cultivar A3

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentCommentGoogle Search (New Window)
A3 A74-101035
PI 596523
C1426 X AP68-315Scour Google For This Line

Records Containing A3

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentComment
30438 ( Pioneer P2981 x Asgrow A3127X [ Pioneer P2981 x ( MV2E1 x Resnik ) ]See report for complete backcross information
9461 PI 556913
( 0351-29 x Asgrow A4268X ( Pioneer P9401 x Asgrow A3127 )
A00-812031 AgriPro AP1953 X IA3010
A3127BC3F2-1 Asgrow A3127 (4) X L24
A79-138014 Northrup King S1492 X Asgrow A3300
A82-264016 Asgrow A3585 X Tri-Valley Charger
A82-361011 Asgrow A3585 X NAPB HP20-20
A82-365028 Asgrow A3585 X Tri-Valley Charger
A83-271027 Northrup King S1492 X Asgrow A3127
A83-273009 PI 525453
Asgrow A3127 X Tri-Valley ChargerPVP 8900060
A83-274011 Asgrow A3127 X Tri-Valley Charger
A83-372027 Merschman Washington V X Asgrow A3127
A84-282019 Harper X Asgrow A3127
A87-395012 Fayette X Asgrow A3659
A92-627030 Kenwood X Asgrow A3205
A95-484015 IA3001 X A91-613026
A96-492058 IA3003 X Northrup King S24-92
A96-591033 IA3003 X Pioneer P9273
A97-874007 A93-751019 X IA3006
A97-874014 A93-751019 X IA3006
A97-973002 LN90-4366 X IA3005
A99-112034 A95-484015 X IA3011
A99-213052 IA3006 X IA3011
A99-215025 IA3011 X ( A95-484041 x A92-627030 )
A99-312052 IA3011 X ( A95-484041 x A92-627030 )
AgriPro AP1995 AP1995
AgriPro AP1989 X Asgrow A3427
Asgrow A2543 A2543
PI 556929
Asgrow A3127 X ( Century 84 (2) x A79-134008 )
Asgrow A2943 PI 556689
Asgrow A1564 X Asgrow A3127PVP 8300135
Asgrow A3205 PI 556816
Northrup King S1474 X Asgrow A3127PVP 8600140
Asgrow A3427 PI 556778
Asgrow X3836 X Asgrow A3127PVP 8500159
Asgrow A3733 A3733
PI 556814
Elf X Asgrow A3127
Asgrow A3935 PI 556857
M0474C X Asgrow A3127PVP 8800043
Asgrow A4009 A4009
PI 556860
Asgrow A3860 X Fayette
Asgrow A4595 A4595
PI 556784
Douglas X Asgrow A3127
Asgrow A4715 PI 539936
Asgrow A5474 X ( Douglas x Asgrow A3127 )PVP 9000136
Asgrow A9243 A9243
Asgrow A1564 X Asgrow A3127
C1979 IA3003 X Stressland
Cisne PI 593256
Burlison X Asgrow A3733PVP 9600136
CL0J177-9 Kottman X IA3011
Conrad PI 525453
Asgrow A3127 X Tri-Valley ChargerPVP 8900060
Croton 3.9 PI 614153
HC80-1944 X Asgrow A3127
Dairyland DSR217 DSR-217
Dairyland DSR-217
Dairyland Experimental X Asgrow A3127
Dairyland DSR373 DSR373
Dairyland DSR-373
PI 54071
Asgrow A3127 X FayettePVP 9000196
Dairyland DST3305 DST-3305
Dairyland DST-3305
Asgrow A3127 X Fayette
Defiance PI 596407
HM8778 X Asgrow A3733PVP 9700106
DeKalb CX458 PI 556889
Douglas X Asgrow A3127PVP 8800187
Dunbar PI 552538
Platte X Asgrow A3127PVP 9400190
Flyer PI 534646
Asgrow A3127 (4) X L24PVP 8700125; L24 is closely related to L24A which was released as Williams 82
GR8836 PI 534647
Asgrow A3127 X Williams 82
HC85-5273 Asgrow A3127 X Forrest
HC85-602 Sprite X Asgrow A3127
HC85-604 Sprite X Asgrow A3127
HC85-606 Sprite X Asgrow A3127
HC85-607 Sprite X Asgrow A3127
HC85-618 Sprite X Asgrow A3127
HC85-690 HC78-676 X Asgrow A3127
HC86-4367 Asgrow A3127 X Sprite 87
HC89-2170 Stressland
PI 593645
HC80-1946 X Asgrow A3127
HC89-2237 HC80-1944 X Asgrow A3127
HM8469 PI 534646
Asgrow A3127 (4) X L24PVP 8700125; L24 is closely related to L24A which was released as Williams 82
HM8470 Asgrow A3127 (4) X Williams 82
HM8471 PI 534645
Asgrow A3127 (4) X Williams 82PVP 8700126
HM8473 GR8836
Asgrow A3127 (4) X Williams 82
HM8486 GR8936
PI 534648
Asgrow A3127 X Williams 82
HM8776 A80-147003 X ( Asgrow A3127 (4) x Williams 82 )
HM8890 A8 X ( Asgrow A3127 (4) x L24 )
HS1-3886 IA3010 X Pioneer P9352
HS87-4087 A81-156027 X ( Asgrow A3127 (4) x Williams 82 )
HS91-4523 PI 596407
HM8778 X Asgrow A3733PVP 9700106
HS97-5261 HS94-4530 X IA3004
HS99-4256 HS94-4530 X IA3004
HS99-4426 HS94-4530 X IA3004
K08-6031 IA3023 X K1639-2
K08-6050 IA3023 X K1639-2
K1161 Harper X Asgrow A3127
K1164 Harper X Asgrow A3127
K1166 Harper X Asgrow A3127
K1169 Harper X Asgrow A3127
K1218 Pioneer P5482 X Asgrow A3127
K1235 Hutcheson X Asgrow A3427
K1268 Stafford X Asgrow A3427
K1276 Coker 425 X Asgrow A3427
K1277 Hutcheson X Asgrow A3966
K1370 Delsoy 4210 X Asgrow A3935
K82-1-138 Asgrow A4268 X Asgrow A3127
K82-1-48 Asgrow A4268 X Asgrow A3127
K99-128 KS4997 X IA3004
K99-129 KS4997 X IA3004
K99-14 IA3010 X STS line from DuPont
K99-98 DT96-6840 X IA3010
KS3494 PI 586980
Harper X Asgrow A3127PVP 9500130
KS4997 PI 602950
Pioneer P5482 X Asgrow A3127PVP 9800124
KY91-11114 Asgrow A3935 X KY84-1616
KY94-2134 Asgrow A3935 X N86-7687
LD00-2807 IA3005 X Pana
LD01-5907 Ina X IA3010NAM Strain
LD02-4485 M90-184111 X IA3010NAM Strain
LD06-7620 IA3023 X LD00-3309
LG91-5681 LG87-430 X Asgrow A3127
LG92-1255 LG84-1291 X Asgrow A3127NAM Strain
LG93-7654 LG86-2734 X Asgrow A3205
LG93-7780 LG86-6989 X Asgrow A3205
LG94-1906 PI 468377 X Asgrow A3205NAM Strain
LG95-8036 Asgrow A3205 X LG87-14554
LG96-1971 LG89-7619 X Asgrow A3935
LG96-3159 LG89-7619 X Asgrow A3935
LG97-7012 PI 639283
SY 512002
LG89-1525 X Asgrow A3322NAM Strain; GP-317
LG97-9384 LG90-2179 X Asgrow A3322
LG97-9685 LG89-1525 X Asgrow A3322
LG97-9692 LG89-1525 X Asgrow A3322
LG97-9912 LG90-4181 X Asgrow A3322
LN84-1304 A78-227015 X Asgrow A3127
LN84-15336 LN80-9447 X Asgrow A3127
LN84-15496 LN80-9447 X Asgrow A3127
LN84-15574 LN80-9447 X Asgrow A3127
LN84-18266 LN80-9452 X Asgrow A3127
LN84-19560 LN80-9479 X Asgrow A3127
LN84-2418 A78-227015 X Asgrow A3127
LN84-452 A78-227015 X Asgrow A3127
LN84-978 A78-227015 X Asgrow A3127
LN89-3615 PI 597384
Hobbit 87 X Asgrow A3205CV-383
LN90-4187 PI 597381
Burlison X Asgrow A3733CV-369
LN90-4524 LN86-4668 X Asgrow A3733
LN92-10855 PI 597387
Jack X Asgrow A3205CV-387
LN95-5414 PI 614088
Jack X IA3003CV-423
LN95-5454 Jack X IA3003
LN95-5724 Jack X IA3003
Loda PI 614088
Jack X IA3003CV-423
LS01-1734 LS93-0375 X IA3005
LS01-1804 LS93-0375 X IA3005
LS93-0232 Asgrow A3935 X Pioneer P9402
LS93-0375 PI 620883
Asgrow A3935 X Pioneer P9402CV-436
Northrup King S24-92 S24-92S24-92
NK S24-92
Asgrow A3127 X [ ( IVR 1120 x Calland ) x ( Mitchell x Cutler 71 ) ]
Northrup King S35-35 S35-35
NK S35-35
PI 561209
Northrup King S39-99 X Asgrow A3127
Northrup King S46-44 X9146
PI 564525
NK S46-44
Asgrow A5474 X Asgrow A3127PVP 9300018
P5096-03D Asgrow A3127 X PI 273483
P6906-16 Asgrow A3127 X PI 273483
Pana PI 597387
Jack X Asgrow A3205
Pioneer P5096-03D ( PI 80471 x PI 86050X ( Williams 79 (2) x Asgrow A3127 )
Pioneer P6906-16 ( PI 80471 x PI 86050X ( Williams 79 x Asgrow A3127 )
Pioneer P9273 Pioneer P2981 X Asgrow A3127
Pioneer P9321 MO30421 X ( Weber x Asgrow A3127 )
Pioneer P9341 CM304 X Asgrow A3127
Pioneer P9402 ( L77-994 x Asgrow A3127X L77-994
Resnik PI 534645
Asgrow A3127 (4) X Williams 82PVP 8700126
Savoy PI 597381
Burlison X Asgrow A3733
SS93-6012 PI 652442
MO/PSD-0259 X Asgrow A3834GP-362
SS93-6181 PI 652443
MO/PSD-0259 X Asgrow A3834GP-363
SS95-3486 Asgrow A3242 X Northrup King S39-11
Stressland HC89-2170
PI 593645
HC80-1946 X Asgrow A3127
Summit PI 665057
IA3023 X HS99-4045CV-508, F4
Thorne PI 564718
A80-344003 X A3127BC3F2-1PVP 9300097
TN12-4090 TN06-219 X IA3024
U85-71084 Platte X Asgrow A3127
U85-74089 PI 552538
Platte X Asgrow A3127PVP 9400190
U94-3412 U94-3412 X IA3010
U96-3640 IA3001 X U91-2519
U98-307162 U94-3412 X IA3010
X9146 Northrup King S46-44
PI 564525
Asgrow A5474 X Asgrow A3127PVP 9300018

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