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Soybean Parentage Information

The soybean parentage information in this database was partially gleaned from the Uniform Soybean Tests for the Southern and Northern regions as well as other sources such as USDA technical bulletins, variety registrations and PVP applications. The strains that appear here were part of the uniform trials and not the preliminary trials. In most cases, the pedigree of individual strains was followed back to named strains in both maternal and paternal lineages where possible. In some cases, the parentage of strains was not specified by the cooperators in the tests. In those cases the maternal and paternal parents are labeled as "Unspecified". In some cases, the actual parental information is partially or completely unknown. In those cases the unknown parentages is labeled with "Unknown". When available, synonyms for the strains were also collected. If a strain was named its PI number was also included as a synonym. In cases where the strain was found to be covered by PVP protection, the PVP registration number was also included. Because of the sources used, not all named soybean strains are listed. For additional information the user should consult the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) search page.

We welcome submissions by the community of new or updated pedigree information. Please use this data submission Excel spreadsheet to submit your pedigree data.

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Record for Cultivar A2

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentCommentGoogle Search (New Window)
A2 A74-101010
PI 596522
M63-17 X C1453Scour Google For This Line

Records Containing A2

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentComment
1046965 PI 669973
NC6207A2-A0RN X [ Haskell x (CMA5901C0C x MON89788 )]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201400014
1052125 PI 673076
NC7409A2-C0YN X AG7231Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201400445
1057383 PI 675610
BN2310A2-D0AAC X ( CBL3506H0R-0008 (2) x A3525-A3244-BAH )Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201500444
1058733 PI 675590
CR4812N X [ AG5332 x ( GL5007A3-A2XN (2) x A3525-A3244-BAH)]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201500424
1058744 PI 675592
AG4632 X [ AG4531 x ( GL50007A3-A2XN (2) x A3525-A3244-BAH )]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201500426
1058808 PI 675602
HH5011A6-D0AAC X HH6511A2-C0BAHMonsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201500436
1064165 MKZ809A2-B4YN X FL0711D3-D0BAH
21132 Asgrow A2396 X 21082
21726 Asgrow A2396 X 21132
387907 PI 647988
Asgrow A2824 X AG3201Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200700136
4309194 PI 647995
Asgrow A2804 X DwightMonsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200700144
4440685 PI 648003
( Asgrow A2553 x AG2903X ( Asgrow A2553 x AG2903 )Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200700251
4684181 PI 647999
A209 X RM99215F1Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200700149
92032-A95-58316 AP2880 X Asgrow A2872
96838 PI 632705
Asgrow A2553 X AG2903Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200300129
A00-711020 A95-485020 X IA2036
A00-711025 Pioneer P9233 X IA2036
A00-711036 Pioneer P9233 X IA2036
A00-711041 Pioneer P9233 X IA2036
A00-711042 Pioneer P9321 X IA2036
A00-712012 AgriPro AP1953 X IA2038
A01-512050 IA2050 X IA1009
A02-338013 Dairyland 88504-11 X IA2053
A02-338039 Dairyland 88504-11 X IA2053
A02-338043 IA2062 X Pioneer XB28V99
A02-381100 IA2064 X Pioneer XB27U01
A04-444032 AgriPro AP93046-A95-3127E X IA2064
A1024650 PI 660301
DAK2301A2R X ( DKB20-52 x MON89788 )Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201100015
A1026415 PI 664060
GL4807A2-D0RN X [ DGL4405B0R x ( CGL4504D0C x MON89788 )]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201100512
A1026418 PI 664059
DGL4405B2R X [ GL4807A2-D0RN x ( AG4703 x ( AG4404 x MON89788 ))]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201100511
A1026888 PI 664033
CBN2205A2R X ( DFN2702B0R-B2 (2) x MON89788 )Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201100484
A1036109 PI 669978
CBL3705N1R X BL3308A2-D0YNMonsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201400019
A80-247008 A75-204018 X Asgrow A2440
A81-152006 A76-304020 X Asgrow A2656
A81-157001 Pride B216 X A2
A81-157005 Pride B216 X A2
A81-157007 Pride B216 X A2
A81-157024 Pride B216 X A2
A82-164003 Pride B216 (2) X A2
A92-525004 IA2008 X Kenwood
A92-525014 IA2008 X Kenwood
A92-526007 A20 X Asgrow A2234
A92-535059 Asgrow A2187 X [ ( A87-186011 x Dairyland DSR252 ) x A87-187020 ]
A94-770016 A90-314041 X IA2012
A95-589009 IA2017 X ( Pioneer P9303 x A91-613019 )
A96-246029 IA2033 X AgriPro AP1995
A97-553017 Pioneer YB280 X ( Pioneer YB280 x A29 )
A97-553018 Pioneer YB280 X ( Pioneer YB280 x A29 )
A97-770012 Northrup King S20-20 X Asgrow A2234
A97-871009 Northrup King S20-20 X ( A92-535029 x IA20121 )
A98-884037 IA2036 X Pioneer P9281
A99-112003 IA2017 X IA2042
A99-112033 IA2017 X A95-484041
A99-212014 IA2017 X IA2042
A99-215030 IA2034 X IA2042
A99-216029 IA2036 X AgriPro AP1995
A99-312006 IA2034 X A95-484031
A99-312009 IA2034 X IA2042
A99-312028 IA2034 X A95-484031
AG1901 PI 598063
Asgrow A1900 (3) X ( Asgrow A2396 x MON40-3-2 )Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9700312
AG2001 PI 612948
Asgrow A1900 (3) X [ Asgrow A2012 x ( Asgrow 3237 ( 3 ) x MON40-3-2 ) ]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200000091
AG2201 PI 606080
Asgrow A2139 X [ Asgrow A2012 x ( Asgrow 2190 x ( Asgrow 2396 x MON40-3-2 ) ) ]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9900036
AG2401 PI 598065
Asgrow A2722 X ( Asgrow A2835 ( 2 ) x MON40-3-2 )Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9700314
AG2501 PI 598052
Asgrow A2012 X [ Asgrow A1900 x ( Asgrow 2396 x MON40-3-2 ) ]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9700301
AG2601 PI 612951
Asgrow A2939 X [ Asgrow A2139 ( 2 ) x ( Asgrow 2112 x ( Asgrow 1900 x ( Asgrow 2396 x MON40-3-2 ) ) ) ]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200000094
AG3002 PI 598054
Asgrow A2722 X [ Asgrow A3431 x ( Asgrow 2835 x MON40-3-2 ) ]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9700303
AGF26601 Asgrow A2012 X [ Asgrow A1900 x ( Asgrow 2396 x MON40-3-2 ) ]
AR03-161013 ( Marcus x PI 507354X IA2036
AR05-150109 S25-J5 X IA2050
AR11SDS PI 675224
Ripley X IA2036GP-399
Asgrow A1395 PI 568240
Pioneer P9061 X Asgrow A2234Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9300205
Asgrow A1895 A1895
PI 556777
Asgrow A2575 X L73-827
Asgrow A1900 PI 568241
86P058-14 X Asgrow A2234Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9300206
Asgrow A1923 PI 591630
Asgrow A2234 ( 2 ) X BSR101Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9500313
Asgrow A2012 PI 568242
Asgrow A2234 ( 2 ) X BSR101Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9300207
Asgrow A2187 A2187
PI 556783
A2 X Asgrow A2527
Asgrow A2396 A2396
PI 540454
CM214 X Asgrow A2943Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9000146
Asgrow A2427 PI 540452
Asgrow A2943 X PI088788Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9000144
Asgrow A2833 PI 594382
Asgrow A2396 X XP3299Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9600245
Asgrow A2869 PI 598067
Jack X Asgrow A2835Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9700316
Asgrow A2872 PI 540453
Asgrow A2943 X Asgrow A3501Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9000145
Asgrow A3242 A3242
PI 550739
Fayette X Asgrow A2943PVP 9100191
Asgrow A3313 PI 591561
Asgrow A2234 X Asgrow A3935Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9500277
Asgrow A3431 PI 565511
Asgrow A2943 X Asgrow A5474Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 9300150
Asgrow A5427 Asgrow A2843 X Asgrow A3431
AX4739 Asgrow A2943 X HP204
AX4742 Asgrow A2943 X HP201
AXN1-55 Asgrow A2506 X Northrup King S19-90
Davison PI 662941
IA2242 X IA2022South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, PVP 201000317
E93424 Asgrow A2943 X Northrup King S23-12
E93433 Asgrow A2943 X Northrup King S23-12
E95562 Asgrow A2396 X Northrup King S19-90
E99035 IA2021 X Apollo
FFR 493 19853
PI 590232
FFR 561 X Asgrow A2943PVP 9500148, Southern States Seed Co.
HF99-019 IA2022 X Archer
HS 2533 PI 540876
Weber X Asgrow A2943Growmark, Inc., PVP 9000159
HS 2821 PI 556922
Asgrow A2943 X [ Hark x ( Corsoy x Calland ) ]Growmark, Inc., PVP 8900149
HS87-5720 Asgrow A2943 X A83-271027
HS89-2966 Asgrow A2943 X A83-271027
HS89-3261 LG82-8379 X Asgrow A2943
HS93-4118 PI 614155
IA2007 X Dairyland DSR304
HS98-3216 LG82-8379 X Asgrow A2943
HT261 STS PI 584326
Asgrow A2872 X [ ( Asgrow A2943 ( 2 ) x Chamberlain ) x W20 ]Genecorp, Inc., PVP 9500004
IA1006 IA2008 X Kenwood
Iroquois PI 593259
LN81-1029 X Asgrow A2943PVP 9600137
K1243 Hutcheson X Asgrow A2943
LD03-8073 LN95-6415 X IA2050
LG00-2455 LG95-441-4 X IA2022
LG05-1311 IA2052 X LG01-5201
LN88-10534 PI 593259
LN81-1029 X Asgrow A2943PVP 9600137
M02-172013 A29 X MN0201
M77-218 M71-135 X Asgrow A2440
M815869 13404BB2 X Asgrow A2722
M83-16 A2 X Hodgson 78
M83-18 A2 X Hodgson 78
M83-357 M71-52 X Asgrow A2656
M90-178161 M85-23 X A20
M91-166056 IA2008 X Bert
M94-162105 IA2008R X M90-1278
M95-265009 IA2008R X Lambert
M96-136016 M90-162034 X IA2021
M97-129094 Archer X IA2021
M97-136016 M90-162034 X IA2021
M99-103172 IA2021 X M96-746-4-2
Pioneer P90A06 PI 646161
[ J009 x ( Pioneer P9091 x Asgrow A2234 ) ] X [ ( ( McCall x Maple Isle ) x Pioneer P9042 ) x Pioneer 90B31 ]Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200700094
Pioneer P90B73 PI 612963
OACBayfield ( 2 ) X [ Asgrow A2506 x ( Pioneer P9321 x ( Pioneer 9341 ( 2 ) x MON40-3-2 ) ) ]Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200000152
Pioneer P90M02 PI 646162
[ J009 x ( Pioneer P9091 x Asgrow A2234 ) ] ( 2 ) X Pioneer P91B12Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200700095
Pioneer P91B01 PI 602383
Asgrow A2234 X Pioneer P9061Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 9800056
Pioneer P9244 PI 592542
Asgrow A2943 X Pioneer P9061Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 9600058
Pioneer P9245 PI 595826
Asgrow A2396 X Pioneer P9231Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 9600384
Pioneer P9251 PI 556798
Syngenta S14-92 X Asgrow A2575Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 8600121
Pioneer P9252 PI 570658
Pioneer P2981 X Asgrow A2943Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 9300234
Pioneer P92B13 PI 628999
Asgrow A2012 X [ Pioneer P9204 x ( Pioneer 9204 x ( Pioneer 9342 x G40-3P9341 ) ) ]Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200200080
Pioneer P92B35 PI 610249
CX340c X Asgrow A2396Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200000039
Pioneer P92M00 PI 632605
( Pioneer P9281 ( 2 ) x G40-3P9273X ( Pioneer P9273 x Asgrow A2234 )Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200300089
Pioneer P92M31 PI 632608
Pioneer P93B41 X [ ( Pioneer P9273 x Asgrow A2234 ) x ( Pioneer 9252 x ( Pioneer 9342 x G40-3P9392 ) ) ]Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200300092
Pioneer P92Y71 PI 656355
IA2064 X Pioneer P92M70Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200900147
Pioneer P92Y90 PI 652896
IA2064 X Pioneer P93B36Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200800085
Pioneer P9304 PI 572284
Unspecified X UnspecifiedPioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 9300251
Pioneer P9362 PI 578038
Asgrow A2943 X Asgrow A5474Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 9400098
Pioneer P93B68 PI 629003
Pioneer P93B82 X [ Pioneer P9343 ( 2 ) x ( Asgrow A2506 x 90679 ) ]Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200200084
Pioneer P93M41 PI 632615
( Asgrow A2835 x MO15733 ) ( 2 ) X Pioneer P9363Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200300099
Pioneer P93M51 PI 636746
Pioneer P93B86 X [ Pioneer P93B82 x ( ST3660 x ( Asgrow A2396 ( 2 ) x ( Pioneer 9381 ( 2 ) x G40-3P9392 ) ) ) ]Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., PVP 200500081
Prohio HC94-81PR X Asgrow A2506NAM Strain
R96-2660 Asgrow A6297 X IA2007
RCAT Calico RCAT 9009
KG 60 X Asgrow A2943
RJS32013R2 PI 674566
AG3803 X BL3308A2-D0YNMonsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201500169
SD96-119 IA2008 X HS88-4909
SD96-170 IA2008 X HS88-4909
SD96-33 IA2008 X Hendricks
SD96-77 IA2008 X Ozzie
SDX00R-030-47 IA2021 X SD93-828E
SDX00R-039-42 IA2021 X SD93-828R
SDX00R-039-42RR IA2021 X SD93-828R
SDX00R-039-47 IA2021 X SD93-828E
SDX98-74151 IA2034 X C1954
SN64195 PI 632306
Asgrow A2553 X AG0901Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200300019
SN71173 PI 632304
Asgrow A2553 X AGK26602Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200300017
SN74232 PI 632694
Asgrow A2553 X AG2903Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200300118
SN79553 PI 628659
Asgrow A2833 X [ Asgrow 2722 x ( Asgrow A2835 x ( Asgrow 3237 ( 3 ) x MON40-3-2 ) ) ]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200200034
SN79596 PI 628668
AI2453 X [ Asgrow A2722 x ( Asgrow 2396 ( 2 ) x ( Asgrow 3322 x MON40-3-2 ) ) ]Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200200043
SN82691 PI 632315
Asgrow A2553 X AGK23603Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200300028
SN83211 PI 632312
Asgrow A2069 X AG2101Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 200300025
Syngenta S16-Y6 M001219
Asgrow A2242 X Exp 02052-11
Syngenta S21-A1 PI 597884
( Syngenta S14-60 x Syngenta S23-12X Asgrow A2234Novartis Seeds, Inc., PVP 9700266
Syngenta S23-12 PI 556822
Syngenta S13-46 X Asgrow A2575Novartis Seeds, Inc., PVP 8600145
Syngenta S29-20 PI 556845
B216 X Asgrow A2575Novartis Seeds, Inc., PVP 8700113
Syngenta S30-06 PI 566937
Asgrow A2943 X Syngenta S23-12Novartis Seeds, Inc., PVP 9300185
Syngenta S44-77 PI 556846
Asgrow A2575 X MackNovartis Seeds, Inc., PVP 8700112
U00-130753 NE3001 X Asgrow A2833
W10381-022 Pioneer P9091 X Asgrow A2234
WW703873 Asgrow A2540 X Pioneer P9362
WW710273 MO02052 X Asgrow A2506
WW815289 13404BB2 X Asgrow A2722
XB33AA13 PI 671821
Asgrow A2442 X ( DKB36-52 x MON89788 )Monsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201400109
XB34Y13 PI 671823
CBL3705N1R X BL3308A2-D0YNMonsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201400111
XB35X13 PI 671826
CBL3705N1R X BL3308A2-D0YNMonsanto Technology, LLC, PVP 201400114

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