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Uniform Soybean Tests Parentage Information

The soybean parentage information in this database was partially gleaned from the Uniform Soybean Tests for the Southern and Northern regions as well as other sources such as USDA technical bulletins, variety registrations and PVP applications. The strains that appear here were part of the uniform trials and not the preliminary trials. In most cases, the pedigree of individual strains was followed back to named strains in both maternal and paternal lineages where possible. In some cases, the parentage of strains was not specified by the cooperators in the tests. In those cases the maternal and paternal parents are labeled as "Unspecified". In some cases, the actual parental information is partially or completely unknown. In those cases the unknown parentages is labeled with "Unknown". When available, synonyms for the strains were also collected. If a strain was named its PI number was also included as a synonym. In cases where the strain was found to be covered by PVP protection, the PVP registration number was also included. Because this list was based on participants in the Soybean Uniform Trials, not all named soybean strains are listed. For additional information the user should consult the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) search page.

We welcome submissions by the community of new or updated pedigree information. Please use the Excel spreadsheet to submit your pedigree data.

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Record for Cultivar A1

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentCommentGoogle Search (New Window)
A1 Anoka X MackScour Google For This Line

Records Containing A1

CultivarSynonymsMaternal Parent X Paternal ParentComment
A01-410009 Pioneer P9306 X IA1009
A01-512030 Pioneer P9321 X IA1009
A01-512036 U94-2306 X IA1009
A01-512050 IA2050 X IA1009
A01-611005 A97-874007 X IA1009
A01-612043 IA1008 X Pioneer P9321
A85-192034 A8 X Asgrow A1937
A85-193020 Asgrow A1937 X Tri-Valley Charger III
A85-193023 PI 537095
A79-135010 X Asgrow Asgrow A1937PVP 9000040
A85-291001 PI 537094
Elgin X Asgrow A1937PVP 9000039
A85-291010 Midwest Oilseeds 3010 X Asgrow A1937
A86-101009 Hack X Asgrow A1937
A86-102004 A80-244036 X Asgrow A1937
A86-103027 Hack X Asgrow A1937
A89-144003 BSR 101 X Asgrow A1937
A95-483031 Jack X ( Pioneer P9273 x A13 )
A95-485020 ( Pioneer P7273 x A13X Jack
A95-583021 Selection from IA1009
A97-770051 Pioneer P9273 X ( A92-535059 x IA1006 )
A97-772024 IA1006 X A92-625002
A98-983013 A94-770016 X ( IA1007 x Pioneer P9304 )
AR03-161009 ( PI 507354 x MarcusX IA1008
AR03-163008 AR10SDS
PI 669816
Ripley X IA1008GP-391
AR03-263051 PI 675224
LS90-1920 X IA1008GP-399
AR03-361019 IA1009 X LS90-1920
AR03-361033 IA1009 X Ripley
AR03-361065 IA1008 X Ripley
AR10SDS PI 669816
Ripley X IA1008GP-391,F3:F8
Asgrow A2943 PI 556689
Asgrow A1564 X Asgrow A3127PVP 8300135
Asgrow A9243 A9243
Asgrow A1564 X Asgrow A3127
G09-3202R2 G00-3880 X NC7308A1-COYN
G10-3913R2 G00-3213 X NC7308A1-COYN
G10-3954R2 G00-3213 X NC7308A1-COYN
G10-3968R2 G00-3213 X NC7308A1-COYN
G10PR-224R2 G00-3213 X NC7308A1-COYN
G10PR-86R2 G00-3880 X NC7308A1-COYN
HW79149 ( A72-507 (6) x A1X ( A72-507 (5) x PI 82263-2 )
Kenwood PI 537094
Elgin X Asgrow A1937PVP 9000039
L69U72-3-4 Cutler X A100
M02-466298 MN1103SP X A14743B002
M02-466342 MN1103SP X A14743B002
M83-767 M70-260 X Asgrow A1564
M83-770 M70-260 X Asgrow A1564
M86-2334 Evans X Asgrow A1937
M86-2337 Evans X Asgrow A1937
M94-161045 IA1006 X Agassiz
M97-357138 IA1006 X Surge
M99-286047 IA1008 X Pioneer P9234
Marcus PI 537095
A79-135010 X Asgrow A1937PVP 9000040
ND01-3533 IA1009 X ND95-952
OAC Shire OAC88-08
PI 567785
A80-147002 X Asgrow A1895
OAC88-08 OAC Shire
PI 567785
A80-147002 X Asgrow A1895
S3 ( Clark 63 x L46-2132-A1+D58824 (2) ) X ( L49-4091 x Clark (7) )
SD93(M)-256 Kato X A17
SD98-595 Kato X Asgrow A1929
U01-390489 IA1008 X NE3001

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