Soybean cDNA library Gm-c1053

Clones from this library are available from
    Biogenetic Services
    801 32nd Ave.
    Brookings, SD 57006 USA
    phone: 800 423 4163

To insure that credit is given to the laboratory and scientists donating this valuable resource to the scientific community, the information provided with the library must be maintained and included with any transfer of biological materials or data derived from the library.

Source of Library (Donor):
Dr. Randy C. Shoemaker       Phone:   515 294 6233       e-mail:
Department of Agronomy       FAX: 515 294 2299    
G401 Agronomy Hall        
Iowa State University        
Ames, IA 50011-1010        

Short Description of Library:
The Harosoy NIL was constructed and seed was provided by Dr. J. Specht, University of Nebraska (Shoemaker and Specht, 1995). The cDNA library was constructed from mRNA isolated from whole seedlings of 3 week old greenhouse grown plants. Complementary DNA was synthesized from mRNA using a primer consisting of a poly (dT) sequence with a Xho I restriction site and a 3' anchor. EcoR I adapters were ligated to the blunt-ended cDNA fragments followed by Xho I digestion. The cDNA fragments were directionally cloned into the EcoR I-Xho I restriction site of the pBluescript vector. The ligated cDNA fragments were transformed into DH10B host cells (Gibco BRL). The library was constructed in cooperation with Dr. Paul Keim's laboratory (Dr. Virginia H. Coryell) at Northern Arizona University.

Harosoy (Lf1Lf1lnlny9y9Pd1Pd1dt1dt1L1L1)

Whole seedling, 3 week old, greenhouse grown

Vector Information:
The cDNA library was prepared using the pBluescript II SK (+) vector (Stratagene) to generate a plasmid library. The vector provides ampicillin resistance and allows blue-white color selection for recombinant phagemids. The cloned cDNA fragment can be amplified by the polymerase chain reaction using one of the following vector primer pair combinations: T3 and T7 or M13 universal and M13 reverse.

Transformation Efficiency = 1 x 106 cfu/ug cDNA
Ligation Efficiency (white cfu/total cfu X 100) = 80%
Library Titer = ~200 cfu/uL

Average Insert Size
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