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Nested Association Mapping (NAM) of Genes Controlling Soybean Yield and Other Key Traits

Our goal is to improve the yield potential of soybean varieties. To this end we have mapped the chromosomal locations of genes that control yield and other important agronomic traits in both domestic and exotic germplasm using a Nested Association Panel composed of 40 important soybean varieties and cultivars crossed to a common hub parent. Further details about the SoyNAM Project are avaliable. Funding was provided by the North Central Soybean research Program (NCSRP) and the United Soybean Board (USB).

140 Recombinant Inbred Lines (RILs) were developed from each cross between the NAM parents and IA3023.

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High Yielding
Lines With
Diverse Ancestry
PIs With High
Yields in Drought
Hub Parent
4J105-3-4LG03-2979PI 398881IA3023
5M20-2-5-2LG03-3191PI 427136
CL0J095-4-6LG00-3372PI 437169B
CL0J173-6-8LG04-4717PI 518751
HS6-3976LG04-6000PI 561370
LD00-3309LG05-4292PI 404188A
LD01-5907LG05-4317PI 574486
LD02-4485LG05-4464PI 507681B*
LD02-9050LG05-4832*Analysis of the progeny of SoyNAM population 46 (PI 507681B x IA3023) showed that the cross was not as described. No phenotypic data for SoyNAM 46 are available.

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