Soybean Genomics Executive Committee


In accordance with Section 2.1 of the Soybean Genomics Executive Committee (SoyGEC) Policies and Procedures, an election will be held to replace four SoyGEC members whose terms will expire December 31, 2016. Terms of each elected position will be three years and will begin January 1, 2017. Serving SoyGEC members can be re-elected without limit.

Candidates are needed for each of the four disciplines represented in the SoyGEC:

Nominations and elections will be announced by email to the SoyBase mailing list and on the SoyBase website. All soybean researchers are invited to participate in the nominations and elections; direct receipt of the email announcement is not required.

Although only those who have valid e-mail addresses in the SoyBase mailing list will receive this email directly, all soybean researchers are invited to participate in this nomination and election.

Visit this page to be added to the SoyBase email list.

As the first step in the election process, please use the form below before September 30, 2016 to suggest colleagues who might serve on the SoyGEC. Nominees will be contacted to confirm their willingness to serve if elected. Final election details will be circulated in December of 2016.

The SoyGEC Mission:

The soybean genomics research community is comprised of scientists with expertise ranging from classical breeding to genomics and cell biology to gene discovery. The genetic and genomic resources available for soybean are often poorly understood by non-soybean scientists and funding agencies. Consequently the strengths and needs of the soybean research community are also often poorly understood. It is the mission of the Soybean Genomics Executive Committee (SoyGEC) to advance soybean as a genetic and physiological research system that will result in enhanced availability and nutritional quality of the world’s premier source of vegetable protein and oil. In order to achieve this mission, SoyGEC will actively pursue the goal of widening the breadth and scope of existing soybean genomics research. The SoyGEC will proactively communicate with the soybean research community to help define research priorities, and with representatives of federal funding agencies to ensure that research priorities are clearly articulated. When called upon, the SoyGEC will speak on behalf of the research community to commodity board groups and other lay-groups.The SoyGEC seeks to broaden the number of soybean scientists conducting genetic research and to broaden the diversity of scientific expertise in team research in order to add new dimensions to the scientific and agricultural questions asked. The SoyGEC will encourage research that will target high priority needs of soybean and facilitate training of undergraduates, graduates, and post-doctoral scientists to prepare a new generation of researchers skilled in research techniques targeted for this crop.The SoyGEC seeks to ensure excellence in research quality and clarity in communication of needs and priorities. Without encumbering individual initiative, the SoyGEC will encourage coordination of dedicated research teams finding solutions to soybean problems of national and international importance.


Kristin Bilyeu (term expiring)
Tom Clemente (term expiring)
Michelle Graham
Scott Jackson
Leah McHale (term expiring)
Melissa Mitchum
Jessica Schlueter (term expiring)
Bob Stupar

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